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When Is a Blog Not a Blog?

by | Dec 2, 2021 | Business Success, Marketing, Prospecting, Writing Blogs

A blog goes beyond being just mere words on a page or a screen.  In fact, a published blog may be one of the most important products or services your business offers clients and potential customers.  As a result, when you allow your blog to morph into something else, that may be all that was needed to increase sales.  So let’s answer the question:  When IS a blog not a blog?  

When It’s a Gift

Sure, a blog might include a link for a discount or a preview of a new product, but that’s not much of a morph.  That’s just blatant advertising disguised as a blog.  Instead, the gift is a quick hello, how are you?  Contact made.  Or maybe the topic intrigues your readers and opens the door to their thinking about something in a new way.  Perhaps your blogs are published regularly and sent out by email or posted on a website.  Some may eagerly wait for your next blog, wondering what the content will be.

That sounds like a chance for folks to slow down from the rat race and read the blog with a cup of coffee.  

When It’s a Laugh

Some may write a blog with a twinkle in their eyes.  Perhaps the writer is showing readers a bit of humor about a topic.  Sadly, few people subscribe to their daily newsletter, so gone are the days of reading a regular column.  For instance, Dave Barry wrote with a snicker, making fun of anything nearby.  Erma Bombeck did the same.  Now people like Sheila Moss have turned columns like these into blogs.  

That sounds like a chance for folks to let out a belly laugh and reset their attitudes if they needed adjusting.

When It’s a Lesson

Many writers do quite a bit of research before they start to write or type.  Thanks to their hard work, readers become more knowledgeable and informed.  Facts and figures are hand-picked from various sources, and the blog goes into detail about their relevance and importance.  These blogs keep readers in the know about a variety of topics, some more closely linked to your business or service than others.  What’s important is that they are reading one of your blogs.  

That sounds like a chance for folks to learn from their armchairs with no need to leave home for the lesson.

When It’s a Story

Everyone likes to read a story.  A juicy tidbit about someone else.  Some businesses focus on testimonials, and those even count as stories, at least for marketing purposes.  If a reader is on the fence about your product or service, learning about someone’s experience of it may just put the person on the right side of the fence.  Perhaps a blogger can focus on the before-and-after details and be quite convincing.  

That sounds like a chance for potential customers to mull over the details, comparing what they need and want.

Basic Tips for Your Blogs

  • Know your readership – that way your blogs will be of interest to them and relevant.  
  • Email your blogs – use your email service provider to track how many of the messages were opened.
  • Post on your website – new blogs provide fresh content for those visiting your site.  
  • Focus on the title – create eye-catching headlines that will encourage folks to continue reading.
  • Create an outline – that way the paragraphs in the blog will be roughly the same length.
  • Proofread before you publish

Links for Your Blogs

Now is the real answer of “When is a Blog Not a Blog?”  When the blog has links.  You want your readers to go beyond the blog to find out more about your products and services.  Throughout your blog, include links to earlier relevant articles and to your onboarding form or to other pages of your website so when their interest is sparked, they will provide their details.

Once you have their contact information, then what? You then invite people to download your mobile app in Business Glu.  Then by using push notifications, give these guys freebies, things that will show them a bit of what you’ve got.  Perhaps it’ll be a sample course.  Or maybe you’ve got a leading edge eBook to give them.  Or a coupon for 10% off.  It’s simple.  

Once they are in your system, you keep them there with good deals, good value, and good service, boosting your sales, boosting your influence.  And to think it all started with your blog.

Perhaps you thought the answer to the question – “When is a blog not a blog?” – was going to be a quick comeback, like “When the blog is about a blog.”  Not so.  Publishing a blog might be the very thing that increases your business name recognition and generates more interest.  And Business Glu can help you keep the connection with your customers growing. 

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