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Reaching Millions of Business Entrepreneurs: Hear It From Sid

by | Jul 29, 2021 | Business Success, Motivation, Training

Sid Peddinti wants to get the word out.  In fact, he’s keen on reaching millions of people. His message is simple:  “If I can do it, so can you!”

A rare combination of talents and skills, he’s a business attorney, an entrepreneurial success, and an accomplished speaker featured on TEDx.  His goal?  Sid is “on a mission to educate and empower 10 million entrepreneurs and business owners with strategies to help them thrive in any economy.”

Hearing It From the Start

Barely out of high school, Sid knew what he wanted to be: an entrepreneur.  Despite arguments from a family of doctors and engineers, he pursued his dream and started his first business at age 18.  While earning a college degree in economics, Sid grew his bakery into a phenomenal success – a multimillion-dollar business with a team of 15 full-time workers!

After the crash of the economy in 2005, though, Sid had to scramble.  He closed the bakery’s doors in a week, let go of the employees, and declared bankruptcy.  He learned some tough business lessons.  Sid wants to share what he knows.

Over the past 16 years, Sid Peddinti has put those hard-earned lessons to good use.  He shares his expertise in business, law, and marketing to entrepreneurs around the world.  By thinking outside of the box, Sid has helped over ten thousand entrepreneurs reinvent their businesses.

Getting the Word Out

Sid Peddinti works with over 300 industries.  He tried various course platforms to communicate with his clients but nothing quite fit.  Then he discovered Business Glu.  As he mentions in his testimonial, by using Business Glu, Sid can provide content and training without banking on social media.

As others have experienced, using social media for training purposes has its limitations and disadvantages.

For one thing, a social media platform does not present a professional space for training.  Imagine a classroom with the walls covered with flyers about this product or that service.  The constant carousel of advertising on a social media platform tempts those in class to lose their concentration on the lesson to be learned.

Another drawback for using social media for training is that clients may use the same platform for their personal use.  It’s a strain to be focused on a lesson when their train of thought is interrupted with notifications about friends and family.

Using a Training Platform

Those who wish to serve their clientele with a program of professional training and education want so much more.  Business Glu not only provides a classroom void of annoying distractions, but it also enables users to build a library of training videos specific for their customers.

Here’s how.  Sid segregates his video database in Business Glu.  For example, he may showcase some of his training videos for potential clients.  Other videos may be customized for clients who have purchased specific training.  Sid offers packages for those who want to start a business, to grow their business, or to dominate the market. He uses the Business Glu platform to provide business, legal, and marketing strategies so his clients can have more “revenue, more impact, and more freedom.”

Sid’s Plan for Reaching Millions

Business Glu is easy to use.  Sid encourages those “creating content and onboarding customers, shooting videos, and adding courses” to use this intuitive technology.  This training platform allows instructors to focus on their lessons rather than to struggle with the technology.

Sid calls Business Glu a “no-brainer.”  This platform will help Sid Peddinti meet his goal – reaching millions in the next decade to share his business growth strategies.

What is your goal?  Business Glu can help you with yours, too.

Help Your Team

Find out more about creating your team training app. Unlimited training and push notifications with no cost to your team. Business grows with Business Glu.

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