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Remembering the Details To Retain Training

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Teamwork, Training

A key element to performing your best is remembering the details to retain training.  Actually, retaining the training is really what matters.  Meanwhile, the trouble is that the facts weigh against that. Why? Tests prove that we can only remember seven items in short-term memory for 20 to 30 seconds.

In fact, some memory experts think that the number of items is fewer than that.  When the details are random, it may be closer to only four!

So, how can we retain the details of training and put what we’ve learned to good use?

Use It or Lose It

Your brain has an enormous capacity to digest and store information.  Think of the Library of Congress and its 16 million books on its shelves.  The average adult brain can store much more than that. Your brain has access to the equivalent of 2-1/2 million gigabytes of digital memory.

So, why is it we have trouble remembering where we parked the car at the supermarket?

Here’s how to retain what you’ve learned:  apply the lesson learned–and then repeat, repeat, repeat.  Now, a piano teacher may tell you that it’s not practice that makes perfect.  It’s perfect practice that makes perfect. Because of that, be sure to get it right the first time and then practice, practice practice.

Take Small Bites

An avalanche of information is not a sensible way to train anyone’s brain.  Once someone’s mind is on overload, nothing new can seep in.

Nowadays, training tends to focus on microcontent or small chunks of a lesson.  Instead of blasting folks with hours of details, trainers are now providing mini-lessons with clearly defined goals.

As a result, participants learn more about one particular skill and then they practice, practice, practice.  People can remember the details when they learn in increments and build upon what they’ve just mastered. Because of that, be sure to learn the last lesson and then build, build, build.

Learn a Screenful at a Time

Back in the day, participants would attend a workshop or seminar with others of similar interests and needs.  Nothing was tailored to the individual. The training was umbrella-style, where everyone had to go and soak in all of the details.

Now training is moving over to the Digital Age.  It’s a solo deal now. Participants can view an orientation or a walk-through as often as needed.  There’s no need to be at a specific place at a specific time: online learners have 24/7 access to the training modules and can view them wherever they are.

Participants don’t need to remember all of the details before they practice and build on the lessons. Because of that, should you struggle with remembering the details, then review, review, review.

So, What Can You Do to Train Your Team?

The votes are in.  Go digital. And here’s the best news!  Create your own app with Business Glu and use it to train your team in your own virtual environment

You can keep in touch virtually and help them retain the training you provide.  No longer rely on social media to stay connected with your team. Send them push notifications to broadcast your messages.

Better yet, you’ll know who sees and takes action on your leadership training.  The app will tell you! Using the data and metrics, you can check on their progress.  You can gain accountability. And you can make training fun with a gamified approach to it.

Create your own app and help your team retain your training.  Those folks will remember the details with Business Glu!

Help Your Team

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