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Push Those Push Notifications

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Marketing, Sales

Push notifications may be the most significant change in marketing in the 21st century.  Digital advertising allows us to contact others with subtle messages sent to their phones.  Those “nudges” are gentle reminders to potential or current customers about something important.  

That is, push notifications SHOULD be about something important.  Let’s see what else is important about push notifications so that your marketing brings in customers rather than chasing them away.

Make the Push Significant

And that doesn’t mean significant to you and your business.  Think of all of this from the customer’s perspective. What would s/he want to know? 

Some things are obviously important to the customer.  An order is ready. That appointment is tomorrow at 3.  Get this money-saving coupon on your next order.

On the other hand, a push that says we miss you just isn’t compelling enough.  First you must determine just exactly what is important to your clients.  Then send those messages as notifications. So, if it’s not of interest to the customer, don’t send that push.

Check the Push by Testing

A push notification loses all value to you if it doesn’t go where it should.  That means that app developers need to test, test, and test some more.

For that reason, it’s essential that the push notification is tested on Apple and android phones.  Your customers will use a mix of both, so you won’t want to limit the success of a sales campaign to just one or the other. 

Test contingencies, too. For instance, what if the customer is on the phone?  What happens when the phone is turned off? Does the push come through if the phone is set for Wi-Fi?  So, if it hasn’t been tested, don’t send that push.

See How Others Use Them 

Do those competing for your dollars use push notifications?  How well does it work? When do they use them?

Watching how your competitors use marketing tactics is like getting a walk-around MBA.  Learn from their successes and their failures. By all means, keep ahead of them.

Do research to see what creative uses there are out there for push notifications.  Some businesses add emojis or graphics and even the ability for a customer to respond.  Just remember, though – if it didn’t work for someone else, don’t send that push.

Notify Your Team, Too

We haven’t addressed another essential use for push notifications.  Communicating with your sales team. You can send them real-time notifications 24/7 with pushes.  Using a powerful mobile and web app like Business Glu makes push notifications the bridge between you and your team AND between the team and your customers.

This is how it works.  First, you create an app for your team through Business Glu.  Then you use it for training. You also use it for accountability.  And of course, use it for push notifications.

Now it’s much more clear why push notifications are important for any business in this virtual day and age. It’s the latest and the greatest communication tool.  Using this form of messaging with ad targeting boosts your business into this century.

Push notifications are versatile.  They are a way to communicate with those essential to your business:  the ones selling and the ones buying. Push your business forward by using push notifications and Business Glu.  Push those pushes, and watch your business grow!

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