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Ad Targeting on Facebook: Bullseye!

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Facebook, Marketing

So, you’ve got your team set up in your own private space on Business Glu, and they have access to your training and other documents for your business.  Now it’s up to you to find leads for them. One of your colleagues suggests that ad targeting in Facebook might be exactly what you need.

You do often post information related to your business in several Facebook groups, so perhaps you can target those groups with Facebook Ads.  No. Technically you can’t target groups with Facebook ads. That’s one of the Facebook rules.

Well then, how can you use Facebook Ads to find your target market?  Facebook Business has a way to target ads to those who would be interested in your product or service.  Let’s see how Facebook Ads can reach leads from three different audiences.

Core Audiences

Not everyone is going to be interested in what you have to sell.  That’s all there is to it. With Facebook Ads, though, yours can be automatically sent to those who fit your customer profile.  

Once you have fleshed out that profile, indicating gender, age, interests, and more, Facebook can use that data to find the folks who match that criteria.  You create the target, and Facebook throws the dart. The result? A direct hit!

Custom Audiences

Some folks have a history with your business.  Perhaps they made a purchase a few years back. Maybe they have filled out a form on your website to learn more about what you sell. Still yet, they may have visited your store or talked to you face-to-face.

Facebook can help you to get back in touch with these potential customers.  Business experts tell us that it’s much more efficient and effective to focus on previous customers rather than seeking for brand new leads.  This ad campaign aims at those who have already shown interest in your product or service. The result? A direct hit!

Lookalike Audiences

Now here’s another way that Facebook can really help you.  Facebook for Business can review the location, demographics, interests, and behavior of your current leads and customers and find folks who are similar.  New, fresh leads. Folks who resemble your current customers.

This approach is so logical.  Your current customers have already been convinced to purchase your product or service.  Likewise, those who are similar are just as likely to make a purchase. Because of that, Facebook Ads will aim for those folks who have common interests and traits.  The result? A direct hit!

Now What?

First of all, visit the Advertiser Help Center to create what they call a source audience mirroring your current customers for ad targeting.  You flesh it out by specifying details about Demographics, Page Likes, Location, and Activity. You create a Lookalike Audience so that your ads will reach those with the same interests and traits as the customers you already have.

Business Glu gives a platform to communicate with your team and to train them.  Facebook Ads gives you a way to build your customer base through creating a new audience.  Once you have a fresh crop of leads, you can then use the lead rotator function in Business Glu to assign your team leads.

Certainly this equation seems to be a bullseye!  Ad targeting in Facebook + Working with your team in Business Glu = Business Success.  

Finally, take a lesson about Lookalike Audiences from a free course on Facebook Blueprint.  Also, learn more about Business Glu by exploring how to create your team training app.  And then put the two together! The result? Bullseye! A direct hit! Use Business Glu for your team and have your very own mobile app, and grow and scale together.

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