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A Cheer for Your Team: Keeping Them at the Top of Their Game

by | Jan 6, 2023 | Motivation, Push Notifications, Virtual Communication

Here’s a popular cheer for your team:  Rah, Rah!  Sis-Boom-Bah!  Across the country, cheerleading squads and coaches do what they can so their teams remain motivated, no matter what the scoreboard says.  It’s unlikely that your team members wear helmets and knee pads, but regardless, all teams need encouragement to keep moving forward.  If your team is virtual and can only see your emoji smile and the symbol for your high-fives or hear your thunderous applause on a Zoom call, you’ll need to do other things to motivate them. For that reason, let’s take a look at some techniques that may work well with your team.

A Planned Cheer

When you are meeting with your entire team, plan a shout-out.  Focus on someone who has done exceedingly well or discovered something that will help the company or has figured out a way to streamline a process.  Praise that person.  Not to excess, mind you, since often that will make the one being praised feel uncomfortable.  But let that person know that the work he or she does make a difference and that you appreciate the effort.  

Also consider sending a compliment to a few of your team members each week.  Either pick up the phone or send a quick text message or an email.  Be specific about your praise, so that the comment is more meaningful.  Take note on your calendar of the cheer you gave each of your team members, so that no one is forgotten.  Even the fella on the bench hoping to play in the game needs encouragement. Actually, maybe that team member needs more.  A planned cheer can be just what is needed to boost a team member’s spirits.

A Spontaneous Cheer

The virtual meeting is going well.  The in-real-time training session is nearly over.  Out of the blue, why not invite everyone to a picnic lunch in 30 minutes?  Ask them to prepare some of their favorite foods and join you for a Zoom Picnic.  The atmosphere would be more conversational and your team would be more relaxed than when in a meeting or a training session.  Should it not be time for a picnic in some time zones, just ask them to bring a beverage and a snack to join in the fun.

In the middle of a meeting with your virtual team, take a break and play a game.  If your team is relatively new and they don’t know each other, the game could be a way to break the ice.  Ask questions like, “What is one item on your bucket list?” or “What was your favorite subject in school?”  Another popular game is “Read My Lips.”  One person sets the microphone on mute and mouths several words.  The rest of your team must accurately guess what was meant by typing into the Chat.  One short game is called “No Smiling.”  A team member is chosen and must keep a straight face no matter what.  The results often make everyone smile or perhaps better yet, laugh.  Doing something spontaneous can add cheer to any virtual meeting.

A Random Cheer

Not everything needs to be about work.  In fact, those who work from their home office don’t have the benefit of interactions in the break room or at the water cooler.  Sometimes virtual workers feel alone and uninspired.  Everyone likes a piece of good news – a message that might add spark to an otherwise lackluster day – something unexpected.  Take full advantage of that.  Consider sending out an occasional push notification that has absolutely nothing to do with the bottom line.

Why not send out an inspirational quotation?  Perhaps it’s from something you recently read.  Or maybe it’s from a website that has motivational quotations organized in categories.  Or maybe it’s just a piece of homespun wisdom that you’ve carried with you from your formative years.  You could also send a seasonal meme.  We celebrate various holidays throughout the year making it easy to find an appropriate graphic.  Others may appreciate a bit of humor.  Just something brief or a funny photograph.  Basically, an occasional, unexpected interruption in the daily routine with some random message can boost morale.  

The Cheeriest Part of All

All in all, your team works hard, all joining together to earn their keep.  It turns out to be quite simple to cheer for your team.  If you don’t feel creative, check out the Internet to be inspired with quotations or Zoom games or funny messages.  Here’s the best part of all, though:  by cheering on your team, you yourself can’t help but capture some of that spirit.

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