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Business Glu: Let’s Count the Reasons

by | Jul 11, 2022 | Accountability, Motivation, Training

Leaders and teams are just now finding out about Business Glu, a leading edge mobile and web app.  They’ve been searching for a way to keep their people trained, accountable, and in the know.  For years they’ve struggled with the arbitrary changes when using Facebook as their training platform and the confusion of communicating through WhatsApp chats.  They complained, and we heard them.  Let’s take a look now at three reasons why leaders and teams are switching to Business Glu.  

Reason #1 – Train Your Team

Delivering training using one’s own app certainly leap frogs over former issues when using other platforms.  For instance, sometimes training videos would just disappear from Facebook account lists. A group can be taken down.   Accounts can be hacked.  The work of countless hours can disappear when access is lost or sessions are timed out or team members go AWOL.  That’s one of the main reasons people have turned to Business Glu.

With your own Business Glu app, you send an invitation for someone on your team to download your app.  Through the App store.  That’s right.  Leaders have their own app!  Once it’s up and running on their phone or computer, your folks will have quick access to your training modules and other resources.  You can limit their access, depending on their status, but your modules are all in one place in various folders that you create.  Nothing will disappear, unless you delete it.  You’ve got control of your training sessions.  Complete control. Plus, you can add and deliver content 24/7 to your prospects and team.

Reason #2 – Make Your Team Accountable

The Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted a study of nearly 2000 full-time office workers.  Here’s what they discovered.  While the average American may work 8.8 hours every day, employees revealed that they spend only 45 percent of their time actually completing their primary job duties.  So what ARE they doing?  Quite frankly, during the Pandemic, people who began working from home enjoyed flying under the radar.  Unless employees were on the phone or in an online meeting with them, their team was on their own without supervision.  This study shows that they weren’t getting as much real work done as expected or paid for.  

With Business Glu, you can check on the progress of each of your prospects and team members.  How?  You can view the progress of each individual for each training session.  If someone doesn’t seem to be completing the task, you can send an encouraging word or ask if the person needs assistance.  No one on your team can sail under the radar. Many team leaders have told us team accountability is at the top of the list of reasons why they’ve made the switch

Reason #3 – Keep Your Team in the Know

We are living in a world of seemingly constant change.  Because of that, it’s essential that your team knows the latest and the greatest.  Knowing what was true yesterday is not going to help with performance and sales today.  Besides, morale is pinned on knowing what’s going on.  If a team member is  suddenly surprised when someone other than you tells them something new – worse yet, someone not even on the team – then motivation often plummets. you could mention something about their group members not seeing their posts / group members not getting notifications of new posts / or their content not even making it on group members’ Newsfeeds in Facebook.

Team members don’t always see messages on Facebook and weren’t getting notifications about new posts. In fact, sometimes your content is not even making it on group members’ Newsfeeds. It’s easy to keep your team up-to-date with Business Glu with push notifications.  Alert your team with a message right to their phone to keep them ahead of the power curve.  When a change to the product or service comes down the pike, all you need to do is to record a new video with the current information.  You can either delete the earlier video or put it in draft so you could always use it again with a flip of a switch on the screen.

So Here’s How

Business Glu makes it easy to manage the details.  We’ll show you a better way of delivering training and messaging with your team with our mobile and web app. Add and deliver content 24/7 to your prospects and team. Check on progress, gain accountability, and train on the go from the palm of your hand. Glu helps leaders and teams grow.  Contact us for a demo, and we’ll be glad to show you all the reasons to make the switch.

Help Your Team

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