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Successful Teams Need Accountability

by | Jun 3, 2022 | Accountability, Teamwork, Virtual Leadership

It’s obvious.  The members of successful teams join together their strengths and talents to meet end goals.  What is perhaps not so obvious is that your team needs accountability in order for it to be stronger than its weakest member.  Unfortunately, accountability has become a four-letter word not linked with T|E|A|M.  How can a team leader increase accountability in a positive way with a remote team?  Let’s take a look.  

T|asks & Goals:  Successful Teams Have Groundwork

First of all, a new team member and the rest of the team must be clear on what accountability means.  Everyone strives to deliver what is promised, taking the initiative to do their part.  They work together to meet deadlines.  They learn from mistakes made and modify processes and procedures.  People work together to accomplish the team goals.  

Matching the task with the talent takes time on your part.  You may even need to shuffle around who does what once you see the gears in motion.  Spelling out each member’s tasks in a job description is only part of accountability.  Everyone’s responsibilities need to be transparent and linked with each other’s.  That way your team builds bonds and morale soars when they recognize which part each of them plays in meeting the goals of your business. 

E|xpectations & Standards:  Successful Teams Know the Details

Soon after you and the team welcome a new recruit, they need to understand the details of their part of the puzzle.  As mentioned, the newest person on board is often the weakest link, but once the connection between their tasks and the team goals becomes obvious to all, then it’s full steam ahead. 

Not only do team members need to know what to do, but they must also have a clear sense of how to uphold the quality standards you have in place.  Adequate training paired with feedback along the way is essential to anchoring team members to their task and purpose. Training needs to be thorough and consistent.  Pairing the newbie up with a seasoned person can be an ideal way to make connections and to reinforce accountability.

A|ppreciation & Recognition:  Successful Teams Thrive with Visibility

A quick comment of appreciation in private to someone on the team reinforces stellar work. However, that praise is much more powerful when made in public.  People on the team quickly learn what is expected of them when a colleague is called out with praise.  Being specific about this person’s work in a push notification sets quality standards so others know how they can also earn kudos. 

The recognition of a team member should not be a surprise for anyone on the team. If you put someone is in the spotlight undeservedly, what could have been a positive gesture actually creates fissures in the strength and success of the team.  Recognition needs to be genuine and delivered sincerely in order to benefit everyone.   

M|easurement & Feedback:  Successful Teams Aim for Improvement

Team members have a road map when projects come with clear expectations, suitable resources, and a specific timeline.  People work better when they understand the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved.  They work best when they know what they do well and what they could do even better. Providing feedback to them works best when there’s a balance of those two integral parts. Too often feedback backfires if the person feels evaluated instead of his or her performance going through the assessment.

To build accountability within a team, many provide a daily stand-up meeting where each person has a chance to provide a status report. In this way, team members see the connections between their colleagues and their tasks.  When team roles are clear and transparent and the outcomes of projects are well-defined, it’s easier for individuals to own the end results.  

Working together as a team but being conscious of the responsibilities of each individual builds a culture based on trust and mutual support.  No one can do it all alone.  No one wants to do it all alone.  When individuals claim their part and do their best to complete the associated tasks, the team’s success is proof that accountability played a major role. 

If you are a leader of a virtual team, it’s not always apparent who is struggling with tasks and timelines.  We’ve got an answer for that.  The Business Glu app makes it easy for you to view content and videos, stay informed as a member of the team, and receive push notifications.  In that way, you can quickly turn things around with well-timed coaching.  We’ll show you how to strengthen your team with this level of accountability.  Click here to arrange for a demo and we’ll show you how Business Glu can make your team more successful.

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