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Get Their Attention NOW!

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Marketing, Push Notifications

Want to get the word out to your team?  Have you got an important message for your customers or your prospects?  You want to get their attention right now.  So, perhaps you’ll reach for your keyboard and start typing out an email message.

Not so fast.  You can get more clicks to your offers by leveraging the power of push notifications.  Why?  

What about Email?

Doesn’t that get their attention?  Businesses use that all the time.  As great as email marketing is, the facts are simple. The top email marketers are seeing click-through rates of only 1.2%, 1.63%, and 1.77%.  Huh?  So, what does that mean?  If you send out an email to 1000 recipients, you can expect anywhere from 12 to 18 clicks.  That’s it.  

We did our own research just to verify this.  The Business Glu team sent out an email to over 15,000 people. We got 4400 opens or 30% (not bad), but only 189 clicks.  Sure enough, they were right.  That’s just 1.2%.  That sure seems like a lot of work to get a lead.  With all that we did to send out a convincing message. . . 

So, What’s the Scoop about a Push?

Everyone carries a phone around. They say there are over 6 billion smartphone users all over the world.  All day long, these folks are never more than three feet away from their mobile devices.  With a push, you get their attention right away.  Your message appears on their phone alerting them to read the latest from you.  And it stays on their phone until they do something with it.

People look at these pushes, just like they do text messages.  And that is your goal.  You want people to read what you wrote. Also, a push is an interactive message. You’re telling them to do something.  Maybe they need to click a link to see a new training module.  Or maybe they can click their way to a 10% discount.  Your push notifications are almost like a direct wire right into someone’s brain. 

More about Marketing

Don’t close your email account.  Don’t change what you’re doing.  Your marketing just needs to be layered, so use email messages for other purposes.  But add something to the process, because you are working too hard.  

Remember that marketing email to 15,000 people which led only to 189 clicks?  According to today’s researchers, a push to as many people would have brought us 1500 clicks.  That’s what the conversion experts at Invesp claim that the average click rate of push notifications is 10.3%.  A far cry from 1.2% for email!   

How to Get Started

First, send a link to the people on your email list so they can have something for free – a blog or webinar or live training.  Then put clickable links throughout, inviting them to download your mobile app. When you have an app, you can send out push notifications and get 3 to 8 times more clicks to your offers. 

That’s great, you might be thinking, but I don’t have a mobile app.  You’re right, and setting up your own, costs a lot of time, energy, and money.  But Business Glu can do that for you. We’ll create your own mobile team app for you with your brand, your colors, and your content. Think of it.  When people get onboarded when you share the link to your app, they get access to your team app along with your content and messaging.

It’s so simple after that.  When you invite someone to download the app, that person has access to all of your training sessions and other content you have.  Plus, you can run the whole thing on your phone.

No longer do you need to rely on social media groups to engage with your following.  Business Glu allows you to have your best training in one location and you’ll be able to send a push notification whenever you go live on Facebook or YouTube. Instant communication, 24/7.

Here’s what’s in it for you: First, you’ll have a hub for your training and content.  Next, you’ll automate your sales.  Then, you’ll generate more leads. Get the attention of your tribe, following and audience with Business Glu! Check out a demo, and we’ll show you how.

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