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Boost Your Business with Push Notifications

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Business Success, Marketing, Push Notifications

Want to boost your business? Want higher numbers from your sales campaigns? Are the results of sales efforts lagging?  Maybe you’d like to reach a bigger audience?  The bottom line is still the bottom line:  we all want to make more money, or we wouldn’t be using the internet to market our products or services.  

So, what exactly is involved and how will pushes boost my business?  Pushes to your clients and potential customers will certainly show results.  Let’s take a look at push notifications from several angles. 

What’s Involved with a Push?

Watch this video to learn more . . .

To push or not to push – that is the question. Push notifications will reset your business.  These quick messages get noticed right away.

Let’s see why pushes boost your business rather than other methods.

They Push the Numbers

Push notifications will increase sales numbers

We’ve looked into it over here at Business Glu.  A recent email campaign of ours netted some feeble results:  only 17% opened the message!  And then, only 2.2% clicked.  After all that work?  After all that money?  Totally unacceptable.  

However, when you send a push to your folks, that shows up right there on the screen of their phones.  Admit it.  How often in one hour do you look at your phone?  Okay, I get it. I can see how these would get the attention of my team or my clients. So what do these pushes do for your business?

They Push the Door Open

Boost your business so folks come in the door

For one thing, a push may open a door.  Somebody who has not taken a look at your most recent course or viewed your latest product may come to visit because of your push.  Your link will send them right where you want them to go. They can push that door open without even leaving their phones.  

Once someone visits your system, you’ve got them in the door.  That door to your business may have just been a door without that encouraging push. So, there’s more.

They Push the Shopping

Pushes will encourage visitors to stop to shop

Once they are in your system, they can take a look around.  Be sure to showcase all that you’ve got.  You can put your merchandise in “aisles” just like the grocery stores do. 

Perhaps one category in your system is training.  Maybe another category might be press releases or new products or various services you offer.  Encourage them to click here and there to learn more about your business.  

And Finally, They Push Your Sales Area

Boost your business globally

No need for you to be limited by geography.  Sure, if you have a cement-and-mortar business, you might not want to put a push pin placed in Asia – unless that’s where your store is.  But if your business can be run virtually, then the world is your market.  Pushes will put push-pins in all over the place, marking your sales.

All in all, it pays to be pushy – “pays” as in bottom-line proof.  Your word gets out about your offer, and more people will be in line with their payment.  That’s what you want.

You can’t do this with just a website.  Sure, you can collect contact information using web hooks and links, but what you really want is the ability to send out push notifications that take them to a platform that serves as your virtual store.  

And that’s what we wanted, so we’ve come up with a solution.  People needed more than email campaigns with flimsy results or websites that aren’t as dynamic as they needed to be.  Business Glu gives you access to a pipeline that gets right to those out there who will learn more about what you are offering.  Put your click-through rates on turbo-charge.  Remember that email campaign?  When we moved it to a push, we got five times the number of clicks.

Okay. I’m interested. Tell me more.

It’s pretty simple. You invite people to download your mobile app in Business Glu.  Then give these guys freebies, things that will show them a bit of what you’ve got.  Perhaps it’ll be a sample course.  Or maybe you’ve got a leading edge eBook to give them.  Or a coupon for 10% off.  People always like to get something for free. So, lure them in with that.

Once they are in your system, you keep them there with good deals, good value, and good service, boosting your sales, boosting your influence.  And all it took was a push.

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