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You Got Mail!

by | May 29, 2020 | Marketing, Motivation, Teamwork

You got mail!  Push notifications are much more than a virtual version of “You got mail!”  Better than email, these pushes alert your clients or audience or team with important news.  Even more, the recipients don’t even need to be logged into the app to be sent the message! 

When you or someone else receives a push notification, the recipient learns that something has happened and it’s time to move forward.  Perhaps it’s a nudge you see on your smartphone that there’s a customer waiting who wants to learn more.  Or it might be a prompt you send to all of your customers or audience telling them about a new product or an upcoming event.  So, how can push notifications improve your sales?  Let’s look at the benefits.

Boost Conversions

Not everyone buys in an instant.  Instead, people may back-pedal to mull it over, to compare prices and results, to read the reviews.  Send out a push notification that tells them more and gives them details that will matter to them.

When you increase your engagement with your potential customers, you are building relationships.  With push notifications, you can often upsell a product or service or convince them to move forward on a trial basis.  You got mail! THAT push may be the one that makes him or her a customer.

Retain Users

Keeping in touch with your customers or audience encourages a loyal connection.  Think of how things work for you.  For instance, if you don’t hear from a friend for a month or two, you may wonder if they even care.  By sending a quick hello to your clients or audience, you are bringing your product or service to mind.

These target messages or push notifications can be just what was needed for a person to buy again or to use your app.  In these busy times, sometimes we forget.  So do customers.  Send a nudge about a new training session.  Invite them to check out the most recent product or version.  You got mail! THAT push may be the one that brings them back.

Encourage Purchases

When you segment your customer base by being aware of their interests and previous purchases, your messages are more relevant and meaningful to them.  When the push notification is personalized, it won’t seem as though it’s a broadcast message.  Your customer will appreciate your notice and attention.

By sending information that provides convincing details, for example, folks are inclined to consider a purchase. This powerful form of interactive marketing can lead customers to the right offer.  Remember that those who sign up for your push notifications are interested in your special offers or sales. Because of that, they want to hear from you.  You got mail! THAT push maybe the one that makes the sale.

Push – Push – and Push Some More

Push notifications are alerts to your team or audience or to your customers.  We’ve got a tool for you that will make sending and receiving push notifications as simple as sending an email message.

For example. you can notify your sales team with the Business Glu mobile app, for example, when a lead signs up.  Also, you can send an exclusive invitation to your loyal customers about a sales event. In addition, perhaps you’d like to make an announcement to your team or audience regarding a change in date of a training session.  All of those who get your push notifications will get an alert on their smartphone, even when it’s in snooze mode.

So, push your business forward with these notifications. Keep people in the know. Business Glu will tell folks that they’ve got mail!  Above all, it might be THAT push that makes all the difference.

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