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Using Videos to Build Your Business

by | Jan 27, 2020 | Marketing, Video

Video marketing is your best bet for boosting your business.  People nowadays read less and less. So, if your marketing plan includes paragraphs of details, your leads may not linger long enough to wade through all of those words to be converted to customers.

You don’t have their attention for long.  In fact, fifteen is the latest number. People will give an article or an email 15 seconds.  Sure, if some phrase or idea hooks them, they’ll read some more.

Perhaps this is not reason enough for you to focus on video marketing.  Let’s take a look at some statistics that may be all the convincing you need.

Show Them What You Tell Them

Why do 85% of the marketers Animoto surveyed agree that video is an attention-grabbing media online?  First of all, people want to see how it works. Whether you are promoting a product or a service, a video will show them the reasons why they would want to purchase it.

Video is a media sandwich.  Your leads can see real-live use of your product or service, while they hear the moderator point out the main features.

Better yet, research done by Social Media Week indicates that these folks will then retain 95% of the message on the video.  Compare that to the 10% retention when reading the same text!   Your leads will remember more when they see a video.

Capture the Comments of Happy Customers

Today’s customers are comparison shoppers.  They will sift through price checks and reviews.  Those stars matter! A lead who is leaning toward purchase might pull out the credit card after viewing a satisfied customer on a video talking about your product or service.

Written testimonials can be powerful, but actually hearing and seeing can be more believable.  Finding out what others like more and why they are pleased about the results can convince a person to join your customer base.

Hubspot emphasizes that 54% of all people want more video content.  They’ll watch it. Videotaped testimonials are spontaneous captures of reasons why someone else became a customer. Your leads will see reasons to purchase when they see a video.

Keep Up with your Competitors

Video content marketing may be what keeps others in the lead.  They’ve learned that videos drive more purchases than images or text, because it combines both in motion.

Marketers have discovered that a video often answers questions potential customers may have.  They linger longer. In fact, research published by Hubspot indicate nearly 40% will watch the entire video.

Those are good odds.  Even face-to-face, it can be a challenge to keep someone’s attention for 5 or 10 minutes.  Video provides passive learning for customers. They sit there and soak in the details.

Research by Wyzowl claims that more than 80% of the marketers surveyed say video increases traffic and generates more leads.  Your leads may buy from your competitors because of video.

Boost Your Business

There’s more.  Because video helps people understand a product or service, that helps to reduce the number of support calls.  Use video to convince, explain, describe, and show.

Potential customers will often view social media pages before visiting a website.  Animoto claims that 60% of consumers find out about a product or service on social media – YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.  In fact, the number is growing. Just last year, nearly 25% of the consumers surveyed claim they are making more purchases because of ads they’ve seen on social media.  Your leads are likely to find you on social media.

Aim for Customer Satisfaction

A video campaign may be the reason why a lead becomes a customer.  Based on that, we’ve just reviewed some of the main reasons that video is a powerful approach to marketing.

That’s only part of the success.  Your customer base also needs to be managed with TLC.  To most customers, that T stands for TIME. They want the time you take to be in touch with them to be in lickety-split mode.  That’s where we can help with a timely connection with your growing circle of customers.

So what are your options for managing your customers?  Business Glu is a powerful sales Customer Relationship Management (CRM). As for contacting your potential customers, you and your team will get real-time notifications with pushes and 24/7 access. With this CRM, you can create an app for your MLM team with no cost to them.

With this CRM, you can create an app for your MLM team with no cost to them. You will have your own team app with training, accountability, and real-time notifications. What a combination: add video promotion to a top-of-the-line CRM. You just can’t beat it! Make this year the one to boost your business with Business Glu

Help Your Team

Find out more about creating your team training app. Unlimited training and push notifications with no cost to your team. Business grows with Business Glu.

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