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Multilevel Marketing and Facebook

by | Jan 23, 2020 | Marketing, Prospecting

Facebook has been repurposed.  That may be a problem for multilevel marketing.

When something is repurposed, a transformation takes place and a new use for an idea or a product emerges.  Platforms can also be transformed, and that’s what has happened. Instead of helping users find relevant content, Facebook has changed its focus to connecting people for meaningful social interactions.  

So, what does all of this mean for multilevel marketing? 

Bad News: Weaker Connection with Potential Customers

Because of this change instituted in 2019 by Facebook, folks out there will hear more about the comings and goings of their friends and relatives.  That means they won’t be seeing as many feeds from businesses and brand pages aligned with their recent purchases and other details. That’s not good for those businesses at all. 

In fact, these established businesses are even wondering if they should continue launch marketing campaigns on Facebook.  The whole purpose of marketing on this platform is to connect with those who are potential customers. If those folks won’t see these feeds, why bother?

Better News: Marketing to Personal Profiles Still in Place

This whole change in Facebook’s mission may work out better for multi-level marketers.  How so? The blanket campaigns from companies that go to all Facebook users are dwindling.  However, direct sales and multilevel marketing feeds can still greet family and friends known by those promoting their business.  

Maybe Not: Those Facebook Terms of Service

Two rules may stop those using Facebook for multilevel marketing in their tracks though:  

Two Facebook rules may affect multilevel marketing.

What does that mean?  Depending on perspective, Facebook may deem your communications about your business to be spam.  You can’t even use your personal timeline to tell folks about what you are selling.

So what can’t you do?  If your friends aren’t asking, you better not be telling.  Don’t send out messages promoting your business to every person on your family tree or every person living on your block.  Also, you better not use your Facebook profile for mostly marketing purposes.

Maybe So: Use Facebook for Not-Free Promotion

Instead of using your personal profile for promoting your product or service, you must use a Facebook Page instead.  The good news is creating a Facebook page for your business is free, no matter how many “likes” or followers your page has. 

If you want to promote your Facebook Page, though, that does cost.  You can run ads on Facebook to suit your budget. When you have a budget of $5 a day, your ad will never cost you more than that.  So how are you charged for this way of promoting your products or services? The average Cost Per Click (CPC) is about 28 cents. The average cost per like is about 23 cents.

Alternative: Other Ways to Market

So what if you’d rather not?  There are several options you have for marketing. Hang out in various Facebook groups and periodically let folks know about your business.   Check out other social media platforms to see if you can reach those with your customer profile. Keep in closer contact with your current customers by calls, texts, or emails, letting them know about new products or events.  Ask loyal customers for referrals. All of these tactics can help to build your customer base.

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