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Blogs + SEO = Business Success

by | Jul 2, 2020 | Business Success, SEO

Blogs are more than just 500 words about a topic.  They are a way for your customers to find you on the Internet.  If you add new copy to your website on a routine basis, then blogs are a way to encourage people to keep coming back.

One equation for online business success is Blogs plus SEO.  SEO?  Let’s see why Search Engine Optimization is essential for a business to thrive and survive.

The S in SEO

Search.  That’s what it’s all about.  You want people to find you.  A blog topic might be of interest to a diverse audience, beyond those who usually are curious about your product or service.  You want more people to poke around and see what your business is all about.

By posting blogs about various topics, you’ll have a larger range of keywords to tag.  These keywords describe the blog’s topic and content.  Choose anywhere from 10 to 20 tags that represent the content of the blog.  That maximizes the chance that someone searching for one of those topics will find your blog.  That’s how the S in SEO makes blogs even more important.

The E in SEO

Engine.  People use various search engines.  Google is the most popular one worldwide, but others offer different elements that have their appeal.  Some offer speed and provide thorough results. Others have access to millions of documents published in the past 10 years. Still others are just easy to use.

By providing page titles and headers that represent your topic, your blog has a better chance of catching the eye of those surfing the Internet.  By creating a meta description, searches will include a short summary of your post so they can decide if they still want to take a look at it.  You want to maximize whichever search engine folks are using so that your blog is featured as a result of the search. That’s why the O in SEO makes blogs even more important.

The O in SEO

Optimization.  Basically, that means the more, the merrier!  You want a flood of traffic to come to your website and do some shopping.  One way to optimize your blog is to link it with other blogs featured on your website.  A potential customer reads the one that was the result of the search, and then clicks on another related topic found in another blog.

Other ways to optimize your blog is to make the title intriguing.  Bonus points if you include a keyword, but remember to make it appeal to your readers.  What’s in it for them?  Use words with power or with play.  Power?  Start with a strong verb that will benefit the reader – learn or earn or something to that  effect.  Play?  Add a pun or a rhyme or something else to make a reader curious.  That’s the way the O in SEO makes blogs even more important.

Business Success

Basically, you want people to return to your website.  One way to encourage traffic is to change the content.  What better way than a blog?  And that’s why Business Glu adds new articles to our blog several times a month.  The topics of our blogs are helpful for those in business, ranging from Marketing Goals to Performance Metrics.

Those different topics are tagged with keywords, so that the blog is search engine optimized.  Encourage your team, your customers, and your leads to visit our library of blogs.  Perhaps you can send a broadcast message to let them know that a new blog has been posted.

With the Business Glu mobile app, you can message your team and deliver training to your team.  You can also easily update or add your own content 24/7. Also, you can message your prospects and your team from the palm of your hand.  Let Business Glu and SEO help you maximize your business success.

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