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Marketing Goal: Content with the Content

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Marketing

Marketing = Content.  Content = Marketing.  Either way you turn the phrase, whichever words and graphics you use in your marketing campaigns become your marketing campaign.  Not only must you be strong in your marketing content, but you must also be content with how you are marketing.

Because of that, let’s look at ways where you can make your marketing work best for you.  Marketing content which will work best for you needs to meet one or more of these standards:  usable, enjoyable, functional, comprehensible, and motivational.

Show Your Content

Those who write for a living often examine each word, hoping to find just the right way to describe something.  Sad news for them.  Most people look at a graphic first before reading the text that comes with it.  Just like the picture at the top of this blog, choose a photograph or design that is eye-catching and interesting.

Make certain, though, that the graphic is integral to the topic.  In the photograph for this blog, for instance, the business owner’s face shows that he is content with how well his digital marketing is going. In documents promoting your business, perhaps you’ll show a product and call out its various features.  That would be usable content.  Maybe you’ll add a cartoon to inspire a chuckle.  That would be enjoyable content.

Showcase Your Content

How else can you catch someone’s attention?  Guide their view throughout the piece you are promoting by announcing each section with a heading.  Let’s not get drab here.  Even English majors knew that they were uninspired when they used the ho-hum headings of Introduction and Conclusion in their college papers.

Often people will just glance through and read the headings.  That should give them the gist of the blog or article.  When the heading inspires interest, these folks may circle back to read more.  After you’ve written a section, then come up with the heading.  After that, choose something that captures the topic in an intriguing way.  Make your headings announce each topic so that potential customers can quickly find what is of interest to them.  That would be functional content.

Shorten Your Content

No matter how interesting you find your business product or service, easy does it.  French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal wrote, “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.”  It’s a challenge to say it all in fewer words.  Quite frankly, in this quick-paced world of ours, people don’t allow themselves much time to ingest every word.

Here’s the challenge for your marketing content.  The text must explain in enough detail so that a potential customer can understand what is necessary to be known.  That would be comprehensible content. By being brief, it will encourage more people to read it.  That would be motivational content.

Content with Your Marketing?

Once you’ve analyzed your current marketing practices and are content with the content, take a look at how you share your content.  Your marketing efforts are often embodied in a sales team.  Keeping in touch with them is critically linked to the success of your business. 

We have a product that will enable you to stay in close touch with your team. Business Glu provides a platform to communicate with a remote team and to train them. You can build a training library of videos and other materials so that your team will have 24/7 access to these resources.

The Business Glu mobile app allows you to train your team, check on their progress, and gain accountability –  all from the palm of your hand!  Once your marketing content is in place, Glu will make it so that with your sales team in full speed, you’ll be content with your marketing!

Help Your Team

Find out more about creating your team training app. Unlimited training and push notifications with no cost to your team. Business grows with Business Glu.

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