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Virtual Communication for Business: What’s the Best Way to Do It?

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Business Success, Productivity, Virtual Communication

Successful communication sure has changed – especially for a virtual business.  These kids had the general idea.  You’ve got something to say, so you reach out for whatever is handy to make your statement heard.  These two, though, were right next to each other, so when the cans didn’t work, they could still hear each other.     

Not so anymore.  Your team or your clients may be across town or even over an ocean in some other land, far away from you and your message.  However, technology has made it so much easier for us to talk to each other when we are miles apart.  But how successful is virtual communication?  What can we do to make it more so?

What is Virtual Communication?

Roughly it’s when we are not together face-to-face.  We’re using tools and technology to share information.  Now let’s fill in the gaps of this simple definition.  The message may be informal or formal, written or oral.  No matter what, though, you may find that your message misses the mark because of the challenges of communicating in this fashion.   

It’s not like we have much choice in the matter.  Everyone seems to be working remotely nowadays in some capacity, either part- or full-time.  Surprisingly, nearly 70% of those working for our government are not in the office, but many in education are working face-to-face.  Gone are the days of “dress for success” and meeting up with colleagues after a long day at work.  Have we lost some effective methods of communication because of this switch to remote? 

Virtual Communication Math:  The Plus Sign

What are some of the benefits of communicating this way with your team or your clients?  For one thing, it’s convenient.  You are just inches away from touching base with anyone regardless of distance by using a smartphone or a computer.  There’s no need to get ready for a meeting or to travel there.  All of that costs money – buying trendy work clothes and paying for the travel and the stay.  It also takes time.  Depending on the destination, you can save hours by staying put.  Those hours can be spent productively, doing something else.

What else?  Your clients or your team are not limited by geography.  You and they can be anywhere, keeping time zones in mind.  Offices don’t need to be in one building.  People nowadays are working from home with all sorts of money saved on office space.  One last thing, whether it’s an email or a virtual meeting, there’s a record.  Email provides an electronic paper trail and meetings or training sessions can be recorded.  

Virtual Communication Math:  The Minus Sign

So, what are some of the drawbacks of communicating in this way?  Sometimes, the Internet or the tools we use let us down occasionally.  People may suddenly drop out of virtual meetings because of it.  Speaking of meetings, it’s easy to have too many of those in this virtual world of ours.  Ironically, even with all of that contact, people can sense the distance and that can cause problems.

Also, even though at its best, connections are made, sometimes people are not there.  Voice mail messages are left, email messages are not returned, and that all leads to frustration.  In this fast-paced place we live in, who wants to wait?  Perhaps what you need requires a quick response.  The person on the other end, though, may feel as though there is no escape.  Everything requires immediate contact.  That can seem suffocating.  Plus, and this may matter most:  the message is there, but not the messenger in the flesh.  It’s hard to read a virtual face and see other non-verbal cues.

Virtual Communication Math: The Equal Sign

Technology is here to stay, and communication has changed radically because of it.  Perhaps we can make the best use of it by applying virtual communication math to equal things out.  For instance, people want to know what’s going on.  You can now reach more people at the same time than ever before and use technology to keep them informed.  You don’t have to repeat yourself anymore, telling each person individually what is important. In this way, communication has become more efficient. 

Now since we don’t have to be where everyone is, experiencing things at the same time, people can pace themselves.  For example, your folks can take the time they need to review a recorded training session.  They can fast-forward through some of the parts, but repeat what is new to them.  We all have more time now to focus on different tasks instead of all of the comings and the goings of the past.  In this way, communication is more effective.

And best of all, we can reach out to someone in a timely way.  There’s no more waiting for the postman!  Let’s say you want to reach your team.  You’ve got people out there all over the map.  There is a way to get their attention right now.  You can send them a push notification.  

Doing the Math with a Phone

We’ve all become tied to our smartphones.  Get this.  Most people look at their phones nearly 60 times a day!  If people are willing to admit it, they are glued to their phones from the start of their day to the end of it.  That’s why sending a message to their phones gets their attention fast.

You can do that with Business Glu by sending a push notification – right to their phones since it shows up like a text message.  You can communicate to all your people quickly and easily.  How?  You create an app through Business Glu.  Invite them to download the app and not only can you send them a quick message, but they will also have access to your platform. Whether you use Business Glu to train your team, run challenges, get leads, or sell courses, you’ll find it’s easy to deliver your content 24/7.  
Contact us for a demo so that you can take full advantage of virtual communication for your business.  That’s the best way to do it.

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