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Train on the Go: Keep Your Remote Team in the Know

by | Mar 10, 2022 | Motivation, Training, Virtual Training

You’re in a hurry, your team’s all over the map, but you need to get the word out.  You can train on the go. Actually that may be your only option right now. Your plan, though, is to produce excellent remote training sessions for your team – even when you all are on the go.

You remember the good old days when training meant a break from the usual routine?  Perhaps the team got together off-site, maybe lunch was included, and there was a speaker and a workbook.  The event took all day.  Folks in the back may have even snoozed through some of it.  Now you are faced with training your virtual team.  What are the best ways to keep them from falling asleep in front of their computer screens?  Let’s take a look at the phrase ON THE GO letter-by-letter to review some tips and strategies for training your remote team.  


First of all, in each training video, tell them what you are going to tell them.  Better yet, let them know why this is important to them and to their success.  People appreciate an organized class.  Your virtual team will find it helpful to know what your plan is, what they will be learning, and what they’re expected to do with the material.  So, let them know at the start what the objective of the training is so they can focus on what you want them to learn.  


The topic needs to be something that is refreshing and new.  No fair if you merely tweak an earlier lesson and repurpose it!  Maybe there really is some news about your product or service – tell them about that.  Also, knowing your team, perhaps you tie in some coaching regarding a setback you’ve seen.  For instance, your virtual team might need some support and encouragement about their sales calls.  Whatever the topic may be, approach training your remote team from their viewpoint and why they would need to know and want to know more about the topic.  


People can stay focused for only so long.  If a training video or a live session takes up too much time, folks may lose interest and tune out.  We’re all so easily distracted, and once there’s a crack in our concentration, we easily slip out of where we are to go to where we’d rather be.  As a result, shorter remote training sessions are much more successful ways to train on the go.  A recorded session can give your team more time.  When someone is struggling with a concept or technique, that person can review parts of or the recording.  Your team members can study at their own pace, when and where they choose to complete the training.  


No worries – nothing to grade here!  However, when you blend in something for your team members to do after the remote training session is over, the lessons are reinforced and sink in deeper.  Your team can practice using what they’ve learned.  You’ll have homework, too.  It’s prudent to ask for feedback.  Touch base with your folks to see if they have any questions or to find out which parts of the training were the most helpful.  We forget way too much within hours of learning something. Researchers have discovered that within a week or two, what was learned at a workshop has pretty much vanished. By reinforcing the lesson learned, your team will retain more of what you presented.  


A computer or a smart device has a flat screen.  Because that screen does not provide the dimension that face-to-face training does, you’ll need to bridge that gap.  How?  Tap into your enthusiasm for the topic.  Rehearse your training module in front of a mirror and take careful note of your facial expressions and any gestures you make.  If your public speaking skills need a boost, consider joining a local Toastmasters Club for feedback on your presentations.  Be enthusiastic about the topic, about your business, and most importantly, about those viewing your training.  


Share this on screen.  Let your team know what your goals are and where your company is heading.  Remember to tie them into your goals – how will they make it all possible.  Then tell them your vision of the successful results of the training they are taking.  What’s in it for them?  Encourage them to compare your goals and theirs.  Be specific.  Remember the wisdom found in the old adage – Aim for nothing, and that’s what you’ll get.


Generally, people want to do what it takes to succeed.  These folks are on your team because they have a sense that they will become even more successful.  When they see your virtual training sessions as a way to move forward and to get ahead, they will be motivated to learn as much as they can.  Remind them of what success looks like.  Provide details of those who have done wonderfully well, so that others can follow in their footsteps.


To train on the go doesn’t need to mean putting your virtual team to sleep.  Using these tips and techniques, you can make your remote training sessions something your folks look forward to. Not only that, and this may seem like a pipe dream, but it’s true.  Nowadays you can monitor their individual progress.  You can check on your team members, adding a whole level of accountability to their training. 

How?  You can do that with Business Glu.  First, you create an app through Business Glu, and invite your team to download it.  Then, after they do that, you can send them push notifications right to their mobile devices.  They will also have the key to your library of training modules when they have access to your platform.  Your team can complete these training sessions 24/7 at whatever time is best for them.

You can also click on their individual accounts and track how well they are doing.  How many of the training modules have they completed?  Your app will tell you this and more, right from the palm of your hand.   
Contact us for a demo to see how you can take full advantage of Business Glu so your team can train on the go.  Virtual training is here to stay.  We’re here to help you manage your training that way.

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