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Move Team Training to Your Own Private Space

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Teamwork, Training

You may need to move your team training to your own private space.  Why? Because where you conduct team training makes a big difference.   For example, the most effective venue is one without distractions and interruptions.  In the middle of a live training broadcast in a social media group, your team may struggle to stay focused.  

Above all, you want everything to remain in its place, just where you left it.  Should you create videos and training documents, you want those to be accessible to your team 24/7 throughout the week.  Unfortunately, they may not stay in place if you train using social media.

These elements are not available if you use social media to train your team.  Subsequently, if that’s how you are training your team, you may need to move training to your own private space. 

Ditch the reliance on social media platforms and use a better way. 

Avoiding Distractions and Interruptions

So, here’s the bad news for trainers:  the average attention span for adults is 15 to 20 minutes.  That’s it. So, your training should be short and sweet. Why?  Because those you are training can lose focus if the session goes on and on.

What’s worse is if you are conducting your training session on a social media platform, it’s not just time that may derail your training.  You can also blame all of the distractions and interruptions that are part and parcel of social media itself.  

Your team will see a constant barrage of ads and nudges and reminders and notifications.  Facebook, in particular, launches an endless stream of them. When you train in your own private space, you can keep those distractions and interruptions to a minimum.

Posting Training Videos

Using video to show your team every step along the way makes good sense. Society nowadays is motion-motivated when they hear and see while they participate. Just think of how many folks use YouTube to learn how to do something, from building a birdhouse to changing a password. In fact, rumor has it that people watch nearly FIVE BILLION YouTube videos every single day.

People feel comfortable learning by watching videos.  As for training, you can create one video and train as many people as you wish at any time they wish.  Because of that, you don’t need to do individual training sessions at different times. Using video for training makes solid sense.

You want to make sure that your training videos do not just vanish.  That can happen on a social media platform. When you train in your own private space, you can keep your training videos and other resources in a safe place.  The only way they will vanish is if you delete them.

Get Your Own Team App

Move out of social media.  Move into your own app. You can create your own app to showcase your business.  Your team can use the app for no cost to them.

How?  Move to Business Glu.  This powerful sales Customer Relationship Management (CRM) gives your own meeting room for training. Not only that, you will have your own team app with training, accountability, and real-time notifications. 

No more distractions!  No more interruptions! Your training resources will be in place and not be reliant on ever-changing Facebook or other social platforms.  Your videos and other materials will be available to your team whenever they’d like to review them. Nothing will disappear.  Everything will be in place.  Move to Business Glu and train your team to grow and scale together.

Help Your Team

Find out more about creating your team training app. Unlimited training and push notifications with no cost to your team. Business grows with Business Glu.

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