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Instagram. Can People Find Your Brand?

by | Jul 17, 2020 | Business Success, Sales

Instagram.  It’s a place where people poke around.  People connect with family and friends.  They share what they’re doing with their days – and their nights.  They look to see what’s going on in the world around them.

Instagram advertises that it brings you closer to the people and the things you love.  They encourage businesses to share and grow their brand with all those who use this photo-sharing service and social network.  That’s why you want your business brand to be easy to find on Instagram. Let’s see how you can do that.

Many Are There – An Advantage?

The numbers on Instagram are convincing enough.  Like more than 1 billion active Instagram accounts worldwide.  Or 90% of those follow a business using Instagram.  And 500+ million use Instagram stories on a daily basis.  What are Instagram stories?

These live videos or photos can be added to a story you post which will stay on the site for 24 hours.  When people log on, the most recent stories will be displayed at the top of their newsfeed.  They select a picture of one of those users, and then they can view the photos or video of that person’s Instagram story in 10-second increments.  Not only that, but if the story’s creator allows one to post a message, then that will be delivered to his or her Direct Message inbox.  Powerful!

Many Are There – A Disadvantage?

Instagram doesn’t just have a billion active users.  Over 25 million businesses tap into this network, too.  So, as a result, your company will not be just 1 in a million, but 1 in 25 million!  How can this work for you then?  This other number will tell you:  200 million users visit a business profile each day.  That’s good news!

Here’s more good news.  If you’d like more people to find you and your business brand on Instagram, there’s a fun way to do that.  Create Instagram stories.  Be creative.  Above all, focus on a visual message.  Better yet, post a video.  All in all, use the type of content that will appeal to your ideal customer.  Impactful!

Singled Out

So, how then will people find you on Instagram?  Your latest story will be displayed on Instagram’s Explore Page.  Those looking for something new click on this page.  Then, Instagram connects them with businesses and topics aligned with what they already follow.  All they do is click on the magnifying glass to see something new.

That’s where you and your business brand come in.  Post often, but never repost since that story won’t be spotlighted again.  Create content of a high visual quality, and you might find many new people taking notice.  Be sure to use all applicable hashtags, so that Instagram uses those various topics to connect you with more viewers.  Be trendy and current.  And once someone finds you, give them something to do.  Forward this to a friend.  Write us a comment.  Now that you’ve been singled out, get them involved. Meaningful!

Active, Not Passive

So now, the other part of this engagement is for you to tag others.  Like people.  Or companies.  And influencers. To sum up, take full advantage of this system of mutual promotion.  When you tag them, they are more likely to mention or promote your business. That’s human nature.

So, your job?  Now create some exciting content – remembering not to blah-blah-blah in words alone, but to post photographs or videos or some other visuals.  That way, you’ve got a much better chance for your business brand to be a new account on someone’s Instagram Explore Page.

Another Way to Connect

As you know, current customers and your business teams also need new content.  The purpose is still the same.  You want others to know your brand.  The Business Glu mobile app will help you with that.  With a flick of your finger and your smartphone, you can add and deliver content to your prospects and your team.  24/7!  Also, train your team no matter what time zone they are in, and do it all from the palm of your hand.

Boost your business brand by making sure that everyone is in the know.  Keep them current.  Keep them certain.  And just plain keep them.  Use Business Glu to seal that deal.

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