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Dynamic Links: So What Are They Anyway?

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Dynamic Links, Team Management, Virtual Leadership

Dynamic links connect us to all sorts of things and take us around the world with just a click.  In this case, though, what do dynamic links have to do with Business Glu?  Let’s take a look at their form and function first, and then focus on how the Business Glu app can make it possible for you to use them for your business.

What Are They?

A link is a quick trip to somewhere else to view information, sign up for a service or offer, write a review, and a whole slew of other connections.  A dynamic link is one that is embedded in something else – a training module, an email message, or a text. 

This link is not merely one from a website to somewhere else, because what are the odds that someone will click on it?  Instead, a dynamic link is much more useful.  Someone already has a vested interest:  he or she is taking a training session or commonly gets an email or text from the sender.  The dynamic link is an invitation for that person to go somewhere else to learn more.  People are sent to the right place with just a click.  

A Bit of History

Back in the day, sending out dynamic links to others took a technical arm and a leg.  People had to know how to use complicated, high-level computer programs with all of their mathematical notations and obscure syntax.  Once upon a time, computer users were the ones with advanced degrees in computer science.  They were the techie experts who coded the programs, and the only ones who knew how to use them. 

Not any more!  Thanks to whiz-brains and their expertise with coding, most folks can now use high-tech tools without reading some 300-page manual.  The techie folks are still behind the scenes, busily creating simpler ways for all of us to use computers, so the rest of us can take full advantage of all that computers can do.  One just needs to know how.

A Prime Example

Nowadays, those with teams of people can keep in touch almost instantaneously.  A team leader can manage most of his or her business or training with a keyboard and a monitor.  Gone are the days of smoke-filled rooms and folks huddled around a conference table.  Now team members can be found all over the map, but they can still work together.

Team leaders don’t need to be technical geniuses to send out a dynamic link.  Our tech team has made it easy for them to guide and manage their folks.  How?  With the Business Glu app. Leaders who have this app can easily embed dynamic links in their training modules or in their push notifications.  By watching a video or reading the accompanying article in our Knowledge Base, leaders can follow the steps in 15 minutes or less and send their first dynamic link to team members.

More Details

Leaders keep a library of these dynamic links so that they can be used frequently.  For instance, let’s say a team leader wants to send out a reminder of the weekly Zoom meeting.  Easy-peasy.  Accessing the Team Dashboard and clicking on this and that, a push notification goes out to the team in a matter of minutes.

Modifying a dynamic link is also a simple process.  Team leaders merely click on that link in their library, make the changes, save them to update the link for future use.

Get Your Own App

Today’s leaders have much to do to manage a successful virtual team, but the Business Glu app simplifies that process by making it easy to send their users to the right place. Dynamic links – yet another way to communicate with a team using this leading-edge app.  Sign up for a demo to see for yourself.

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