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Virtual Training that Makes a Difference

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Video, Virtual Training

Virtual training has become more the norm, thanks to the Pandemic.  Fortunately, with the tools you have at your fingertips, this form of training has benefits and conveniences for both the business owner and the team.  Use this checklist of tips based on lessons learned to gauge how effective your training can be.  Let’s take a look at these tips one by one.

Take Full Advantage of the Medium

Your virtual team training can either be live or recorded or both.  The advantage to having the training live is that it can be interactive.  Your team can either ask you questions or be called upon for answers by voice or by chat.  The disadvantage to live training, however, is that everyone needs to be in place – even if it’s in their place – at the same time.  When you have a global team, that doesn’t work so well.  

Not to worry, your team might like the benefit of recorded training.  That way, no matter in which time zone they are, they can take their training when they are ready and available.  Not only that, but your team members can be anywhere, sipping a latte at their favorite coffee shop or at home in their favorite easy chair.

There’s always the hybrid method, too.  You conduct your training live for those who can attend. Then, you record that session so that those who are absent can take the training at a later date. Regardless of whether the recorded training is of a live session or one created in a studio, your team can watch it again to refresh their retention.  They can also speed up the sections where the information is remembered or not as pertinent to them.  

The best part for you is that your virtual team training sessions can be housed in Business Glu indefinitely, creating a thriving archive for new and seasoned team members.

Take Full Advantage of the Features

Let’s face it, change is inevitable.  For instance, think back at the start of your business endeavors and the details that have changed since then.  Training needs to be current.  Easy-peasy.  Create another video with an update and make that available for your team.  Getting your team together again in a face-to-face session would not be so easy or convenient.

Not long ago, one had to have a full-scale studio with all sorts of jazzy equipment to create a video.  Not so anymore!  You can now create stellar training sessions in your own home office.  A simple setting in the software you use to record your virtual training can change the background with any photo you choose.  Also, depending on the software you use, your appearance can be enhanced without the use of studio makeup.

The best part for you is that your remote training sessions can be replaced in seconds.  Plus, you can send out a push notification through your back office in Business Glu to alert your team of the updated training.

Take Full Advantage of Your Personality

Perhaps you are somewhat hesitant about creating virtual training videos.  After all, you are looking at a screen instead of being in the same room with your audience.  That’s the trick.  Pretend as if you are speaking to a live audience.  Look around the “room” in a comfortable, casual way.  Pause when appropriate.  And perhaps most importantly, remember to smile!  

Some of the most popular virtual presenters will tell you, “Just be yourself.”  If you have more of a down-home approach with people, then be that way when recording your training sessions. If you tend to be a rapid-fire and dynamic speaker, your team will expect that from your training videos.  No need to change your ways in front of a camera! 

Your presentation doesn’t need to be perfect. Should you make a mistake, just keep right on going, correcting it if necessary.  You just need to get the word out there to your team.  When you deliver the message in your natural way of speaking with your personality shining through, your team will sense that you are right there with them.

The best part for you is that your virtual team training sessions will also include the personality of your business.  Your team will be welcomed into the virtual training session and see your company logo, images, and colors right there in your Business Glu system and app.

To be on the leading edge of virtual team training, you don’t need a fancy studio or a makeover.  Follow these tips, take full advantage of Business Glu, and provide virtual training that has great advantages for you and your team.  

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