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Push Templates Pull in your Team

by | Apr 14, 2022 | Team Management, Virtual Communication

Sending a push to your team is smart; using push templates to do that is even smarter.  Let’s face it, you will often send similar messages to your team.  Perhaps you’ll send a reminder to tell your folks that the virtual meeting starts in 5 minutes. Or you might want to provide the link for the new training sequence.  Then again, you may just want to share a neat quotation to give them some inspiration and a boost.  By creating push templates, it’s so much easier to send out a new message to pull in your team.

We all know about frequently sent notifications. Because of that, our design team made common communications simple to send.  Originally the Business Glu app just included Quick Replies. These messages had already been created, and team leaders with the app could send them “as is” in email or text messages to their account users.  Those messages cover these three quick responses.  “Received your info.” “Let’s connect!” and, “It’s been awhile.”  Team leaders can send out Quick Replies by merely pressing a button.

Now Business Glu has added a new feature to the app:  push templates.  Leaders create their own messages, save them, and send them to their team when needed.  The process is simple.  You’ll find a video and an accompanying article in our Knowledge Base to show you how. Let’s look at some ways you can make best use of this feature.

Save Time

“The bad news is that time flies.  The good news is that you’re the pilot.”  Who doesn’t want to take a shortcut and save time?  

As you know, it takes a while to craft an appropriate message.  If you’re not comfortable working with words, it takes even longer.  Once you have your message in final form and keep it as a template, you save that initial time it took to write it.  

By using the message as a template, later you can change it to make the notification current and relevant.  For instance, if you create a template which focuses on your weekly Zoom meeting, all you’ll need to do is to change the date and the topic when you use the message again. Then, just push the button to send it, and presto! – your work is done.  Your push template has just saved you some time.

Stay Organized

“Organized people are just too lazy to look for stuff.”  Who doesn’t want to have everything all neat and tidy for easy access?

Benjamin Franklin noted that for every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.  Looking through a library of templates can serve as a reminder that a message needs to be sent.  Not only does Business Glu provide the electronic pen and paper for you to write your messages, but for messages that are sent on a regular basis, you can use our push scheduler. You can use that feature to send messages at the same time each day, week, or month.

Every time you send out a message to your team, consider the topic and the text.  Is it something you might send out again?  If so, get organized by creating a template with those original words.  News reporter Michael Ruiz has been known to say, “I’m the type of person who organizes things once, and then never touches it again…”  Your push templates can help you stay organized.

Share Inspiration

“If at first you don’t succeed, then skydiving definitely isn’t for you.”  Standup comedian Steven Wright could get a chuckle out of anyone.

And that’s something you might want to send out to your team.  A chuckle.  Or a more serious quotation.  Something to inspire your people and to let them know that you’re on the sidelines, giving them a quick boost and a cheery wave.  Everyone likes that, since laughter connects us and brightens our perspective.  You can create a template for that, merely swapping out the quotation and writing your own reflection following it.

Another way to use an inspirational template is to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and accomplishments.  By sending that kind of news in a push, you celebrate a team member, but you also develop team camaraderie.  “If you don’t know where you are going, you might end up someplace else.” Beloved baseball player Yogi Berra’s comment packs in some irony with his advice. Your messages can do the same.  A push template to share a message of encouragement may be just the friendly nudge someone on your team needs.

Business Glu makes it easy to reach out to your users.  You can make it even easier by creating push templates for your team correspondence.  Contact us for a demo so that you can learn more about pulling in your team with just a push.

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