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No Distractions

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Training

Just look at this messy desk!  Albert Einstein had one, too, and in defense of it, he asked a pointed question:  “If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”  Even so, when people have too many distractions, it’s often a challenge for them to focus.  

You want distractions at a minimum during team training, so your folks can soak in all they must learn.  That’s why it doesn’t make good sense to use a Facebook group to post your training videos and materials.  Just think of all of the possible distractions.


Your team is in the Facebook group as planned.  You’ve asked them to join you for the first training podcast.  They are chiming in one-at-a-time that they are present and accounted for.  A newbie asks about the ad he is seeing. He doesn’t get the connection and asks, “Hey, is this new business about selling products on Marketplace?   

Showing products for sale in the margins of Facebook will create distractions during your training.

You send him a message privately telling him that those ads are part and parcel of Facebook, but just ignore those and focus on the training.  Phooey! That’s all you need is to have these new recruits misunderstand the training right from the start!


As you are wrapping up the first part of your training session, you see some activity on the side of your screen.  The blinking text distracts you and involuntarily, you find yourself looking at the Facebook ad. It’s an offer from a well-known author who can teach people how to write a book and then sell it to a bunch of people.

Showing offers for sale in the margins of Facebook will create distractions during your training.

Shoot.  This offer may have interested you at some other time – but you’re right in the middle of an important part of your team training.  Because of this subliminal interruption, you almost forget where you are in your notes. You know you need to be 100% focused when you are giving a presentation, especially one as important as this one.  These crazy ads and offers. It’s like having TV displays all over the virtual training room.


Worse yet, as you answering questions after the session, engaging with your new team, you seen one more ad.  This one is actually for a company that is in direct competition with yours! Same type of products! They’ve slashed their prices and are advertising this to you!  

Knowing that these ads are tailored to your spending history, you sure hope that no one on your team is seeing these.  This is all so irritating! You’re right in the middle of a Q & A session, and you are reminded of a company that certainly doesn’t have your best interests at heart!

How Else?

How in the world can you get your team trained in a convenient and private place?  You’ve seen all of the distractions. You try to ignore them – and usually you can except during a weak moment.  But what about your team? Are they distracted when you are trying to provide valuable training? Not only that, but you’ve heard of folks getting booted off Facebook – all of their connections, all of their training, everything disappeared!  

We’ve heard you.  We know about FB groups that have vanished in the night.   How would you like to have a quiet, private place where your team can learn all they need to know?  Just think if you could send out notifications to them, letting them know what’s next on the agenda?

We’ve designed a training platform for you that has none of the distractions you find on Facebook.  You can post all of your training modules, and they’ll always be there for your team to see.  When you post something new, your team will be notified – they’ll never miss an update.

With Business Glu, you’ll be able to training your team effectively and efficiently.  Using this platform, you create your team’s training app and provide them unlimited training will within an elegant app for your smart phone.  No distractions. No interruptions.

Leave Facebook and all those distractions and interruptions with it.  Train your team with your own app.  Easy peasy.

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