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Communicate with Your Team with Pushes on Auto-Pilot

by | Aug 17, 2022 | Scheduled Pushes, Team Management

You don’t need to be in front of your computer to communicate with your team. Instead, you can put your messages on auto-pilot and send them even though you might not be anywhere near a computer screen.  Write your messages in advance and send them when you wish.  Let’s take a look at how scheduled pushes can be a convenient way for you to communicate with your team. 

Getting the Word Out

When you have an app that to use to communicate, you can send an alert to your team. Your message might let them know about an update or a social media post or information about a new product.  You can use a push notification to send new content or a reminder to those who have downloaded your app.

A push just pops up on someone’s electronic device unexpectedly.  When this message appears, users feel connected with the information source (you). Because of the push, they often will then engage with promotions and features. Perhaps your team is spread out all over the map – or maybe even all over the globe – so it’s essential for you to communicate with your team at a moment’s notice.  

When You Want

Your app makes it possible for you to send out messages in a non-intrusive way. Another benefit is that you can actually schedule these pushes to be sent out during specific times during specific days. Communication with your team may seem like it’s in real-time, but you may be miles away from your home office.  Scheduled push notifications allow you to control your time so that not only can you schedule these messages, but you can also schedule your own time.

Another benefit of scheduling communication with your team is that you can plan out all of the messages in one session.  In this way, a message won’t end up missing in the sequence.  During this session, you can methodically prepare the messages in a timeline and then determine the sequencing.  Spacing out the push notifications is important so that there’s not a flood of messages that might push someone right off your team!  By creating and scheduling these pushes, you can move on to other important tasks. 

And Finding Out About Your Team

Let’s say you send out a push encouraging your team to watch the latest video you’ve posted.  Your app will tell you which of your team members have taken the suggestion and completed the training. When you see that a team member is lagging behind, you can reach out to him or her privately to ask how things are going. By using push notifications, you can discover information about your team. Open rates, open times, and engagement provides useful information about those on your team.

So, scheduled push notifications are like the traditional ones in overdrive.  You assign a date and time when the message will be sent.  If a message is still in the queue and not published, you can edit or even delete that one before it is sent. By keeping the messages interesting and pertinent to your team, you keep them engaged in real-time just as if you were right there beside them telling them about the latest promotion or product.  

So You Can Head Toward Success

Eye-catching and concise, push notifications keep your team engaged.  By scheduling these messages, you have the luxury and the freedom of not being tied to your phone or computer in order for your team to be tied to the latest news, nudging them to take action.

Do you have a sales and marketing app like this?  One that allows you to create easy brand messaging?  Do you have a way to communicate with your team instantaneously?  Contact us to put communication with your team on auto-pilot.  We’ll show you a demo of the Business Glu app, and you’ll see how scheduled push notifications will put you in the driver’s seat.

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