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A Random Act of Kindness Boosts Business

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Business Success, Motivation

A random act of kindness can certainly boost one’s spirits.  You’ve heard about the pay-it-forward cup of coffee.  What if that happened to you?  You’re in the drive-thru line.  You’re lost in your thoughts.  Maybe you’re even worried about something.  The person ahead of you pays for your coffee.  What a pleasant surprise!  So unexpected.  That random act sure boosted your morning.  In fact, you’ll probably tell a few folks what happened.  People don’t forget about random acts of kindness that happen to them.

For example, there’s a popular used bookstore in town.  They sell everything from antique vases to zebra statues with records, games, DVDs, and books in-between.  Every once and awhile, a lucky customer makes a purchase to discover that no money is owed.  It doesn’t matter if the total is $10 or $210 – that customer gets it all for free.  That random act of kindness keeps the bookstore’s doors wide open and the people coming in.  Random acts of kindness can boost your business.


This is the keyword in the phrase.  “Random” has many meanings, none which mean planned or premeditated.  Every now and again.  Incidental.  Haphazard.  For instance, maybe every 100th customer receives a special good deal.  Or perhaps the first inquiry made on your birthday gets a free product.  Or, in addition, maybe out of the blue, you call a customer to check in, to chat, to get feedback. Unexpected. What a pleasant surprise!  That RANDOM act of kindness boosts the customer’s spirits and in so doing, boosts your business.


Here’s where the deliberate part fits in.  An act is something that is planned and there’s follow-through.  A specific function is begun and ideally completed.  For instance, your business might send out thank you cards to loyal customers.  Or, perhaps your Customer Support team begins to contact new customers to answer any questions.  Or you might add a helpful blog to your website and send out a broadcast email so no one will miss it.  That random ACT of kindness boosts the customer’s spirits and in so doing, boosts your business.


Now here’s the twist.  You’ve got others in mind.  In other words, what you are doing is generous, helpful, and caring with no motive in mind.  That’s where the fun comes in.  Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes helps you to think of what would be a kind gesture.  Perhaps you send out small gifts added to the shipment of a product.  Or you might respond with a compliment to a customer’s comment on your website or on social media.  Maybe you could provide a free training session on your Facebook page.  That random act of KINDNESS boosts the customer’s spirits and in so doing, boosts your business.

Sweet Deals

People like sweet deals.  What sort of random act of kindness can you do for your customers?  And not only your customers.  Think of your sales team and others who work with you.  Learn how to motivate them during these tough times.

We’ve got a sweet deal for you.  However, this is not just a random act of kindness.  The Business Glu mobile app will help you deliver training and messaging to your team.  You can also easily add and deliver content 24/7 to your prospects and to your team. So, be kind to yourself and to your business by checking out how you can train your team on the go from the palm of your hand.  Use Business Glu and random acts of kindness to boost your business.

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